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We provide comprehensive consultative and technical assistance to identify issues, solve problems, and improve services to transform our clients’ healthcare business. We deal with all actors in the healthcare industry, including: pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical device companies; hospital systems, academic medical centers and other provider systems; payors and managed care organizations; and technology companies.  

We have helped our clients tackle issues related to regulatory policy and compliance; HIPAA and digital health; Stark and Anti-Kickback, and other fraud and abuse rules; Medicare, Medicaid and private payer reimbursement; and corporate transactions, including mergers and acquisitions, finance and other restructuring.


We offer our clients strategic health policy advice and guidance on the top emerging issues in the healthcare landscape—including understanding the regulatory and policy process. Ongoing trends in public policy will affect government programs, the payment system, and the legal and regulatory landscape, and as these trends develop, we will always be able to let our clients know how these trends impact their corporate strategy or operations.



We can provide an outlook for federal and state legislative and regulatory action across any sector of healthcare. We offer our substantive expertise, institutional knowledge and valued relationships with Executive Branch officials, Congressional Members, state and local officials, and private sector leaders, to help our clients understand the legislative, policy and business implications of some of the most critical domestic policy issues affecting the healthcare sector. 


We provide actionable investment insights to our clients by evaluating political and policy-related risks and opportunities related to specific opportunities. We can anticipate and identify current and future challenges, opportunities, and top trends to watch for both financial and strategic investors, from angel investors to venture capital funds, private equity funds, investment banks and strategic industry investors, based on decades advising these entities.

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